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Keeping Burglars Out In Nottingham

security_company_in_mansfieldBurglars Keep Out! 5 tips for keeping your home safe

Did you know that over 80% of burglaries take place as a result of thieves taking advantages of opportunities provided by the homeowner? Whilst no one asks to be burgled, unfortunately some people do leave their homes particularly vulnerable to break-ins.

Even if you’ve got your belongings insured, burglaries can make you feel threatened and unsafe. Here a security company in Nottingham has provided five tips to help you keep out unwanted visitors.

1. Replace the locks on your windows and doors

If your window locks are old or faulty, it’s time to replace them with key-operated window locks. Make sure they are always locked before leaving your house. You should check that the locks on all of your external doors conform to the British Standard 3621:2007 + A2:2012.

2. Don’t leave your key under the mat

Many people worry about getting locked out of their homes so they leave a key under the door mat or in a ‘special’ hiding place. The trouble with this is that burglars know where to look. If they find your spare key, they can invite themselves into your home when you’re out and take your belongings, without any trouble whatsoever. Don’t make it easy for them! If you’ve got to leave a spare key somewhere, leave it at a relative or friend’s house.

3. Install light timers

Burglars usually target homes when people are out, so if you make it look like someone’s in, they’re less likely to try breaking into your house. One of the best ways to create this illusion is by installing light timers. Set them to turn on and off at different times of day so it looks like someone is at home. You can do the same with electronic blinds and curtains, which can be programmed to open and shut in the morning, afternoon and evening.

4. Install an intruder alarm

A great way to deter burglars from breaking into your home is to fit an intruder alarm. If they see the burglar alarm box on the front of your home, they’ll be less likely to break in, as they know there’s a high chance of them getting caught.

Find an experienced security company in Nottingham to fit your alarm and show you how to set it. Remember to change your key code on a regular basis to further enhance the safety of your home.

5. Don’t broadcast your holidays on social media

Checking in your location on Facebook or Foursquare may seem like a good way to make people jealous that you’re on holiday but it also lets them know that your house is empty. If burglars see that you’re on holiday; your home will instantly become an easy target.

Before you go away, make sure everything’s locked and that your alarm is set. You may want to call upon someone you trust to pop by your home every few days to make sure everything’s okay.

Use a trusted security company

The best way to keep burglars out is to work with a security company in Nottingham on improving your home. An experienced security company will be able to advise you on products such as burglar alarms and CCTV to help keep your home safe.

Fast House Sales UK

fast_house_salesSome tips on how to get your property purchased quickly


It can really be very frustrating and annoying to make that decision to put up your property for sale, but to suddenly find out that it can take quite a long time before the final settlement is completed and the house eventually purchased. And if you are searching for how to get your property sold in a fast house sale, the entire process can gradually overwhelm and aggravate you.

As you can expect many individuals find the process to be quite frustrating, especially the aspect that has to do with being tied down and not able to continue with one’s life. But you do not need to be frustrated. If it is your desire to take advantage of the process involved in fast house sales below is a brief overview of the procedure.

First of all, it is necessary to have as many real estate agents interviewed as possible. You need to then wait patiently for them to visit your house, make preparations of quotes and offers that would be of assistance to you. Afterwards, you make an assessment of the one that you find most suitable. You can equally shortlist two or three as reserve names. To make your property stand out in a fast house sale, it would also be advisable to make out any repairs and little works that would assist in getting your property sold. Next you would need to get photographs of the property taken by professionals using professional equipment. You really do not want your house to appear just like others in the market but to stand out from the rest. The professional photographs of your property would enhance its image and appearance once the listing of the property becomes live on the world wide web.

The next process of the fast house sales involves waiting, yes, waiting. After you property has gone live on the internet, you have to wait for buyers to show some interest in your house. How fast and how many such interested parties for your house show up would depend on if you choose to sell your property through auction sales or if your are getting it sold privately. In either case, you should expect inspections that are open-house in nature. And this means that you must ensure that at all times your property is tidy and clean. As can be expected this task can be time consuming especially because it must be done whenever an inspection is billed to take place.

In most situations involving a fast house sale, by adopting the afore-mentioned points you are sure to have gotten a couple of offers on your property within the first 3 or 4 months. These initial offers are most probable to be dependent on two significant issues – first is the pest and building report which you must wait for, and secondly it is dependent on the buyer getting approval for finance.

The approval for finance in any fast house sale could be given within one and two months. But if the buyer is not approved then the whole procedure is started again. If your house passed the pest and building report you would then have to wait for up to an additional 2 months for the solicitors and banks to complete the necessary paper work with which a settlement can be effected. For you the seller of the property, all of this can turn out to be a process that is very frustrating and time consuming. But more importantly, this waiting period can be expensive in terms of the opportunity cost wasted in not being able to quickly move on and the holding costs on the property. But by dealing with reputable and experienced companies which specialize in quickly purchasing houses can be a way out for you to get your property quickly sold. All of the above delays and processes can be avoided, and better still, settlements can occur within as early as a week.


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